Ayame (youkai_ayame_x) wrote in dusk_over_tokyo,

Time to work...

Ayame was staring to get impatient as she waited for the bus, checking her watch ever couple of minutes or so. It was bad enough that she had to work in the slums during the day but staying there for longer than she had to was not her idea of fun. She just wanted to get back to her apartment in the cleaner part of town before the stench of the bums on the streets made her puke. She could smell all the bums even from miles away, with her over sensitive nose. She started getting overly jumping as well as she stood there, the sun setting in the distance. Staying after dark was also not something she wanted to do. She could easily take care of herself if something was to happen, but she just really hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Ayame checked her watch again, 6:30 p.m. A whole fucking hour late, I can't believe it! She thought. I might as well just walk home. Damn! I can't stop at home now I have to get to my next job. Ayame sighed heavily and started walking. It's only 30 blocks and if I don't get attacked I should be there by time my shift starts. It's a good thing I had to wash my "uniform" during my lunch break today. As she walked along she kept her senses clear, just in case. A couple times she thought some one was fallowing her but it they would turn to go into buildings and Ayame would stop worrying for the time being. She had to be careful, being who, and what she was.

At a cross walk Ayame had to stop and she was able to put her red hair into pigtails, one of the rules for her night job.
"Hair must be up, girl." The boss had said on her first day, "And dress, well it's a bar and you want the men to get hot and hot men are thirsty men." He added looking Ayame up and down with a smirk, "You'll bring in a lot of customers, you will." He was reaching out his hand but before he could grab her anywhere she had his hand bent backwards. "Don't ever touch me or I will break your arm." He nodded and whimpered lightly, so she released him. "A tough one... this ought to be good." Ayame glared at the man, "I'm just a bartender so keep your dirty hands off me." He nodded again sensing something about this girl that told him she was serious. "Right, so anyway..."

The memory faded as the light changed and she was able to cross the street. She only had ten more blocks to go and half an hour to get there. She was lucky this time, she'd be able to relax for a minute when she reached the bar before she had to change into "uniform." She prayed to the gods that it wouldn't be a busy night, but every night was a busy one. She sighed at she reached the bar and walked in the back entrance hearing her boss yelled that he need her out there now. Throwing down her bag she headed to the employee bathroom where she changed her outfit. She walked out, put her stuff in a safe place and walked though the door the lead to behind the counter ready to start serving the scummy men there liquor and beer for the next eight hours.
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