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A journey must start with one step

"Yep...uh huh....yeah yeah, Fine, I'll be there in 10."

Amaya sighed as she flipped off her cell phone, vowing that one of these days she was just going to slice it apart and toss it in the garbage. Adjusting the messenger bag to her shoulder, she stood up from the park bench where she was enjoying the somewhat decent weather before headquarters called up for another delivery. She'd been working at the place for roughly 5 months now. Riding her bike all over Tokyo delivering random packages to random buisnesses. It wasn't the greatest job in the world, but it had to do since her father's money wasn't going to last forever, and she hated having to rely on just that.

She gave the kickstand to her bike a swift kick and hopped on and made her way down one of the busy Tokyo streets. After this delivery, she'll head home..

..Home...what was home to her? A small one bedroom apartment in central Tokyo that has the occasional roach as a roomie? Atleast her cat can keep those in check. That wasn't home. That was just a place she slept and washed in. No. Home was where ever he was. No matter what conditions, as long as he was there, it was home. But he's not around anymore. She lost her home one year ago, and the pain is still as sharp in her chest as it was the day that the hands of fate pulled her life apart.

After a few minutes, she finally arrived at the grungy head quarters that almost reminded her of the one that was in those old Dark Angel episodes. She took the package from the fat man behind the counter who wore a stained white tank top...basically your typical fat slob. Amaya wrinkled her nose and held back a grimace from the stench the man gave off as she leaned over and scribbled down the address, which just so happend be a couple of doors down from her. Great, I'll drop off the package, go back to the apartment, feed Rakki and crash..

Jumping back onto her bike, she rode for the next 30 minutes back to the aparment building. After fighting between the door and bike, she entered the dimly lit lobby of the apartment building and trudged down the hall, stopping at apartment 109. She set her bike up against the wall and raised her hand, giving the door a few knocks.....
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